Flambeauxs custom printed 7 day prayer candle FAQ's

Do you print custom 7 day candles wholesale? Do you print custom wedding candles?
Yes, we do! Please visit our custom inquiry form here for more info on custom printed or our own wholesale 7 day prayer candles.
How much do custom printed 7 day prayer candles cost?
Custom printed candles are now $7.50 (price subject to change) each with a very low 4 case (12 candles in a case) minimum. Price cuts are considered for large orders and may come in the form of a discount per order. Get in touch for our pricing. We charge a $25 screen fee for each custom order. There is also a $25 ink color change fee if you want to change ink color during printing.  Changing candle color is free of charge but must be done in increments of 12 (a case.) All wholesale vendors must provide a resale certificate. We print only 1 color at this time. If you are interested in only the votive glass (no wax) those are $3.75/each with a 10 case minimum plus a $25 screen fee. Shipping is paid for by the customer.  All wholesale orders require payment before shipping. Normal turnaround time is 15 working days once we have art. We can rush orders for a rush fee of $250 and turn around an order in a week once we have art.
Can you send me your template for custom 7 day prayer candle artwork?
You can download our .ai template here.
Can you print 2 colors?
We only print 1 color. 
How many candles in a case?
There are 12 prayer candles in a case. 
Can I choose the color candle and ink?
Yes, you can choose the color of your candle from our list of options available.  Currently we have: white, black, blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, green, brown, pink, and rainbow. Candle wax colors vary depending on the wax manufacturer. We have no control over wax color - these are the traditional prayer candles you will find in most botanicas. We can exact match to a pantone ink color for a $100 fee paid to the ink manufacturer with a 1 month lead time, otherwise we can get pretty damn close to whatever color you have in mind- but can not exact match ink unless we send the color off to the manufacturer.
What kind of artwork do you need for custom work?
An AI / PDF vector file is best. We can enhance or create artwork for a fee of $50 an hour with a 1 hour minimum!
Can you create the artwork for my candle?
Yes, we can. Our graphic design rate starts at $500 per design. This will give you 1 proof and 1 modification. After that a $50/hr fee will apply.
How long will it take for you to print my custom order?
Once we get approved artwork, it usually takes us 2-3 weeks to print custom candle orders. We can print orders in 5 days for a rush fee of $250.
Do you hide candles around town for people to find- for free?
Yep, sometimes we hide candles around town and people can go and find them, for free :) The hiding of candles has turned into a whole community of people who hide free art around. Check out the hashtag #nolatreasuerhunt and #freeartnola to follow others who hide art on a regular basis. We unintentionally started this trend of hiding things and posting clues on their whereabouts via Instagram around Nola a while back, and couldn't be happier about it what its lead to. 
How do I find out when and where a candle will be hidden?
Follow us on Instagram @flambeauxs and we will post a pic of the location with a clue/hint that will guide you there! All we ask is that you let us know you found it on the post!!
Will you print 1 custom candle for me? Normally we do not do this because by the time we are printing, we have invested a significant amount of time and money into the project. Imagine the same process as a silk screened or screenprinted t-shirt.  If you really need one, we can print a proof for you for $250, or send you a free image of a white candle with a black transparency over it to give you an idea of layout and how it will look. This usually does the trick just fine.
Do you wholesale your inventory?
Yes, we sure do! Get in touch and we can send you what's in stock. We have a 3 case minimum on candles we currently have in inventory.  Each candle is $8 or $96/case. Or you can place an order for a custom candle as a wholesale order -those have a 4 case minimum and are $7.50/each or $90/case. All wholesale accounts must provide a resale cert or pay a La. sales tax.
Why is shipping so expensive for just one candle?
We are just as perplexed as you are about shipping! 
Can you replace my candle that broke during shipping?
We can not replace any candles broken during shipping- or gives refunds on items broken during shipping. But we can say this- over the past two years we have learned how to pack the shit out of these things, and we will make sure the carrier provides insurance.
Delivery status shows my order was delivered, but I can't find it- what should I do?
You should contact USPS. There is nothing our tiny company can do if the status says delivered and you didn't receive the item. We are so sorry! Shipping can sometimes be a real bummer.
Do you ship overseas?
If you want to pay shipping, sure- but please know it is very expensive to ship candles overseas. We also can not guarantee they will not break during shipping :(

Each candle, glass, etc is truly hand printed and or poured in our studio. Due to the nature of hand pouring and printing, each piece is unique and is genuinely a work of art. None will be the same, and there will be some inconsistencies. Thank you for supporting a small print shop, and for appreciating the value in the variations of our work. We can not guarantee shipping.